MT 1601

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MT Series are the highest selling series of Amplifiers in its class in India, they offer a stupendous 99% reliability and the internal hardware is strong to handle the vagaries of transportation, it has heart throbbing bass when coupled with NX audio 18 bass drivers and has one of the highest quality to value for money ratio. MT1201 transistor PCBs use highly stable ONSEM 28 nos NJW0302 & 28 nos NJW0281 output transistors to give outstanding power, Carling switch circuit breaker is used which ensures very good DC inrush protection. The lowest power consumption is less than 0.1A when working without load. MT series aims at mid end market segment and professional fixed installation market with people who have tight budgets and need stable and high quality amplifier it is great for large performances, discotheques , nightclubs, stadiums, cinemas and rental and live performances Patents On MT Series. Patents On MT Series Special SLDDTM sound dynamic processing circuit. An inbuilt 0.5dB-0.8dB limiter delay, variable in delay value over frequencies.The channel gain is automatically reduced, protecting the loudspeakers from potential damage from the high power, continuous square waves that would otherwise be produced. Perfect LXTM input overload limiter protection. The input works differently over varying frequencies and temperatures. This will ensure clean distortion-less sound. Auto Ramp operates every time the amplifier is turned on or is reactivated after a protect condition is corrected. This exclusive PROTON by NX-Audio feature gradually increases gain to the attenuator setting avoiding unnecessary stress on the loudspeakers. LRSTM Short Circuit Protection : If an output is shorted (i.e., defective speakers or crossed speaker wires) the LRSTM will automatically Protect the amplifier. The LRSTM circuit senses the short circuit as an extremely stressful load condition and attenuates the signal, protecting the channel's output transistors from over-current stress. Subsonic Frequencies : Built- in high pass filtering provides subsonic frequency protection for each channel. MT1601 Key Features MT1601 uses capacitors Wima / Rubycon for better imaging of and natural sound MT1601 uses BELDEN audio cable from USA MT1601 uses 2 oz thick pcb to handle powerful current amd thereby ensuring greater reliability and safety MT1601 uses 12pcs of 100V/15000uF big capacitors to ensure higher headroom MT1601 uses transformer with more headroom to ensure very high reliability. Even when the amplifier is under stress, very heavy load (for example 2ohms) for long period of times, the amp is still very cool and as you are aware heat is the biggest killer for the amplifiers.